What is Kombucha?

It’s fermented tea. Simple, easy, and all natural. We use our own in-house live cultures to naturally ferment this into real kombucha, packed with goodness.

Why make condiments with Kombucha?

We know some people love the taste of Kombucha, and other people do not!

So we thought, how can we make the goodness of Kombucha delicious for everyone?

Our answer, to take your favourite everyday flavours of mayonnaise, dressings, relishes and more, and boost them with Kombucha for all the benefits with no compromise on flavour!

What do they taste like?

They taste great!  You won’t even know you are eating Kombucha!

We have crafted each product to taste just as good, if not better, than the leading brands you usually buy.  Try us and you’ll be delighted.